General questions
Does the bus only stop at places shown on the map?
Do you need a pass to travel on The Green Bus?
Does the bus always run?
Is it always the same driver?
What if I don't like the service?
What if I lose my bus pass?
When will I receive my pass?
Are all your drivers DBS checked?
How does my child access free Wi-Fi on the buses?
Can I hire The Green Bus for private events?
Applying for a pass
Can you explain the application process?
Is it safe to give you my information over the internet?
Which services can I buy a pass for?
How much is a bus pass?
I'm entitled to free travel, how do I apply?
What are the payment options for bus passes?
Are there any discounts?
Using our website
What are contacts and travellers?
What’s the difference between primary and secondary contacts?
Why can't I use the same email address as another contact?
I haven't received my login details after registering, can you re-send them?
Can you tell me what my username is?
How can I reset my password?
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